Back Off


Hey everyone, my niece convinced me to let her do a guest post here. It’s obviously not about college fashion, but this will make me her favorite aunt. Consider it a fun, imaginative story.

Missy here, it is time to settle some rumors that have been going around the 7th grade. A blog post is by far the best way to do that. My leopard coat is not real because that would be gross, but is like really expensive. If you want to copy my style then you can find a leopard coat from this shopping app Resultly.  They have a lot of options for the masses, but as I said before you cannot get the leopard coat I have because it is like super expensive and one of a kind and not from Forever 21.  There is one from Forever 21 that looks like my leopard coat, but it is not. Mine leopard coat is much more expensive so like they just copied it. Those losers.

Leopard coat motto

leopard coat motto

That is leopard pint motto and I follow it which is my I have a leopard coat. Okay. So like moving on, there are more rumors going around the 7th grade that need to be addressed. I broke up with Blane behind the gym during 6th period and he did not in fact break up with me because I would not give him the red skittles from my skittles candy. As everyone knows the red skittles are the best ones. SO I BROKE UP WITH BLANE. How can you love someone and ask them to give up their red skittles? You can’t. So Blane is also a loser.

Moving on I just want to confirm that yes, I am the heir to the fruit loops fortune, this is why I can afford such expensive things like my leopard coat. I know Sam the Toucan personally so it is pretty legit. However, I do not like fruit loops so don’t try to get any for free.

What else? Oh so I skipped first grade because I was just to smart and NASA offered me a position as an astronaut, but I said no because I wanted a normal life.  I was born with an extra finger, but the doctors cut it off. Currently it sits in jar on my mantle, but I always hide it when company comes over because my mom thinks it is gross. Loser. Whatever so thats why you can’t see it.

I have a real diamond and it is really big, but I’m not allowed to wear it outside of the house. But it is like super big and really heavy. Oh and when Blane and I were dating we totally mouth kissed for 5 seconds and it was weird.

So like now that we have all of those rumors cleared up.