Cat Dress for Halloween


Las Halloween was my favorite Halloween ever! For the first time of my life I decided to dress up with my friends and organize a house party at my new place I just have bought a couple of months ago. I was very excited but skeptical at the same time when it came to choosing the right costume.  I am not a big fan of all those scary outfits nor of those super sexy dresses that do not cover too much. so, I thought something like a cute cat dress would be prefect for me.

However, after I decided on the dress I had a huge problem in finding one that I would like. I and my two girlfriends went shopping together first to Macy’s and did not find anything good. Everything look ugly and cheap. We basically did not have a choice but trying to find something online. Thanks to Resultly we found tons of cat dresses and other halloween costumes very fast.

cat dress

The prices were not  too bad neither. They had dresses from many different stores; anything from Macy’s to Target. I picked the one for fifty dollars and my friends found something pretty much at the same price. In general, I do not believe in spending money on Halloween costumes; it is only for one time. However, my cat dress can be a great outfit even for a day out with friends as well!

The cat dress could not be more perfect than it was! Very simple, cute and sexy. I fell in love with that dress right the way.I also bought a new pair of black heels and had to do some cat style make up with smoky eyes. Fortunately, I did not have to buy any jewelry, since it was a great costume itself.

My place, on the other hand needed even more shopping that I could even imagine. I had to buy everything from regular fall decor to creepy candles, lights and candies. I spent almost a hundred dollars on all of that stuff. Of course, at the end it looked really fun and everyone loved it, but I do not think I will host another party at my place any time soon. Not to mention that I had to clean up the next day all the mess my guests made.

My friends were scary as hell. Someone dressed up as Zombie, others as Serial Killers. i think I was the only one who had a normal pretty costume. Maybe for the next Halloween I will try something terrifying too…Who knows?!