Fuchsia is the new Black


Last week I was contemplating what dress I would wear for my 23rd birthday party. I know no one likes you when you’re twenty three, Blink 182 said that loud and clear, but I was also determined to be loved on my 23rd. I know everyone already loves me, but it was more about being in love with me. I needed the perfect dress, the perfect fuchsia dress to be exact. 

blink 182

I gained a bit of inspiration from their music video. It’s such a great video I thought it would have to give me a little something something here. The nurse is so iconic for the entire video, anyone from the 90’s could tell you exactly where she’s from upon seeing her, so i decided she would be my inspiration. I went from my once always black go-to colored dress to the bright, HOT pink of fuchsia!

I’ve been doing a little online research to try and find the perfect party dress and i want to get your guy’s opinion to see which i should go with! Now before you start placing your votes, I want you guys to keep in the mind the following stipulations for me:

1.  I am turning 23, aka I’m young! I don’t want anything that will make me feel like i’m 22 going on 65
2.  My next stimulation is that it’s starting to get a bit chilly, so if we want to somewhat keep the freezing midwest temperatures in mind that could be helpful
3.  I’m part of the IBTC so do with that what you may

Ok SO.. I found all these dresses on two different sites, I’ll post the links below the pic so you can buy it if you love it also!

Option 1:
fuchsia dress

This super cute strapless dress with a pleated puplum type bottom is super flattering around my waist. I have another dress thats similar in the skirt part, and I love it! However, I’m not so sure I’m keen on the horizontal stripes because they’re widening.
Francesca’s dress found here.

Option 2:
fuchsia dress

This Akira draped front long sleeve dress is super cute for the midwest occasion. It’s sleeves are appropriate for the colder weather but it’s short enough to still be sexy. The drape over in the front is also very flattering on your stomach. What do you guys think?
Click here for dress.

Option 3
fuchsia dress

Ok, not gonna lie, I’m totally in love with this one. It’s from Revolve Clothing, and I just think everything from the color to the open back is adorable. I’m obsessed with how fuchsia, fuchsia this one is, and the A-line is just such a cute  yet sassy look. Not to mention how sexy is an open back?

So let me know which I should go with!