Mint Nails and Mint Shoes

mint shoes

I tend to go through obsessions and phases with everything! Before you make any judgments read on. This ranges all the way from food to clothes. For example, I had this massive obsession with hummus and carrots. I think I went through 4 packs of Sabra hummus a week. Then once I overdid that, I moved on to the next thing, greek yogurt. Another example is my phases through music. I will sing to a song or album over and over again. For example, I had a huge obsession with Simon and Garfunkel my Sophomore Year first semester, and then I moved onto the Black Keys, and then Arctic Monkeys etc. ┬áMy phases hold true with clothes and colors as well. My new recent color is mint. For one, I’m not naturally tan and the color brings out the color in my skin. I also love how the mint color pops! I’ll show you an example of why I love this color so much. For example, I love pairing mint nail polish with mint shoes! Take a look:


See what I mean? With my jeans and navy blue cardigan my mint shoes and nails bring some vibrancy to the entire outfit. I also lazily put up my hair in a messy bun, but this actually worked quite well with my laid back look I was trying to go for.

One of my new favorite (possibly obsessive) item of clothing are slip-ons or sneakers. As you can see I have already invested in a pair of cute mint converse. But, I am still in need of a pair of slip-ons. Slip-ons go great with a maxi skirt or skinny jeans and an oversized knit sweater for the fall. I found the cutest pair of mint slip-ons!

I was looking to get a pair of black slip-ons, but to stay on track with my new color, I decided to go with the mint ones. I just love how different these slip-ons. ┬áCheck out Restultly for some more mint options. Most people like to wear these in black, but the mint stands out. I found this pair of mint shoes on Macy’s with 10% off! They’re also by Doce Vita. From my experience DV usually have really comfortable shoes.

Although I really love mint at the moment, there’s only so far I can go. I have mint shoes, nail polish, dark mint skinnies, and a mint hoodie. I’ve realized that the mint color only works well with certain shoes, such as slip-ons, converse, and gym shoes. I’m not a huge fan of heels, wedges or pumps in mint. Take a look at these cute mint Nike’s I found:

These aren’t exactly mint, but they have a hint of mint in them so it is satisfactory for me. I love these tie-die colors on this gym shoe. This is definitely my next purchase for a gym shoe. I love the bright colored gym shoes. I always procrastinate with buying new gym shoes. I’m not sure if its because I like the current shoes I have or if I don’t deem gym shoes as important as other shoes.