Fold Over Boots to Conquer the World

Women must have gone tired of their usual boots that there is now a new crowd favorite – the fold over boots. The Follow Fashion website blogged about how this boot created a buzz that caused a fashion frenzy to all women who wants to own a pair – right here, right now. Check them here.

The design of this boot is derived from the name it is famous from – fold over. There are a few ways that the fold over design is done. One of the common ones is the lace-up fold over boot that I found in Ebay ( This is flat and is similar to your combat boots.

You can show off this boot with your leggings or skinny pants just like Rosie Huntington-Whitely did hers. She wore tight-fitting pants and paired off her shoes with an off-white long sleeved top for that casual, laidback look

fold over boots

Of course some cannot be seen as laidback as hers. Kim Kardashian, one of the first few to own the Givenchy fold over boot paired hers with a black mini-skirt and black top. She looked like what a diva should be.

fold over boots

Are you still undecided if you want to join the bandwagon? Resultly has a wide variety of fold over boots that you can choose from. They even have a pair for your little ones too! I like the Aeropostale fold over boots for kids. They can use it go to school and can also jazz up their outfits when they want to have ice cream with their friends.

There are various heights for this type of boot. They have the ankle-high, mid-calf and the ever-famous knee-high length. Aside from the fold, the other boots try to be unique with their designs like the Michael Kors fold over ankle boots that I saw in Ebay. Aside from the fold, these shoes have the side zipper as an accent. This pair can go well with leggings and mini skirt or black skinny jeans. You can complete your look with a cardigan sweater and beret as your accessory.

Another unique design that I have found is the Alexander McQueen fold over boots. Intheircloset website has sighted Beyonce Knowles as one of the celebrities who owns a pair ( Instead of a fully closed front, it has the peep-toe design and a zipper in front to fold over the boot. The boot is versatile because it can be casual, it can be formal, depends on who you want to be at that moment.

It looks like these boots are here to stay and will definitely be gracing more of the fashion magazines in the coming autumn and winter season.