Hey, Put those Platforms On!

No, it’s not Corinne Bailey singing to the tune of this phrase but all the men and women out there! Now, tell me your favorite shoes. Just go ahead let your feet going!

With the dawn of diverse shoe stylishness, platform shoes date back to about 2,000 years ago.  The sky-high shoe became a way for royals in evading Medieval muck and gave Greek actors a raised height depending on the importance of the characters played in the Greek theatre-  the more central the protagonist, the taller the shoe and the easier he was to see. In the 1300s, Middle Eastern folks wore wooden stilts ornamented with shell and ivory which were worn in public bathhouses to protect against the heated and wet floors. During the 1400s, would you believe that in Italy, they reached excessive limits as some were nearly 30-inches tall and ornamented with jewels! Women needed to manage with walking sticks in order to get around. Through the 1700s, male actors in China wore silk platform boots. Similar to how the Greeks did, the higher the sole, the more important the actor and the less likely they’d have to execute the acrobatic flips that lower players characters had to do.

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In the 1930s, the first occurrence of the platform shoe in the U.S. was the rainbow-colored heel fashion-forward cork sandal. During the 1970s, both men and women fancied high-heeled platform sandals and shoes. You could just imagine the fashion competition on the dance floor! There were those platform-lovers who even embellished their shoes with live aquariums and light-up bulbs so they are not outperformed on the dance floor. In the early 1990s, Vivienne Westwood, a UK fashion designer, re-introduced the high heeled platform shoe into high-fashion; it was while wearing a pair of Super Elevated Gillie with five-inch platforms and nine-inch heels that the super model, Naomi Campbell, fell on the catwalk at a fashion show. If we were on the same generation, you wouldn’t be able to resist a smile on your face with the popularity of the UK band the Spice Girls… and when I say Spice Girls, we say clogs, large shoes, high-heels, platforms etc.

Today, everywhere you look, you won’t miss not seeing anyone wearing platform shoes. If in the past, wearing this type of shoes is only limited to theatre actors or to the royalties, in this era it has become a fashionable trend throughout the globe. You could try to check out a whole wide variety of platform sneakers and shoes here.

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Specifically to platform sneakers, these are a comfy wardrobe essential and of course, a little added height would be perfect to complete your outfit! We are not only talking about women here but also men. You could see a lot of celebrities in with the craze of platform sneakers. Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne are just some to name. If you’d like to check out more celebrities and keep an eye on the latest trends and favorites of your own beloved stars, you can visit http://www.nicekicks.com/tag/celebrity-sneaker-stalker/.